3 Benefits of Treating Yourself to a Weekend AwayFebruary 25, 2021

Need some downtime? Don’t we all! Sometimes, breaking away for 2 days can do real wonders to the body, mind and soul, and leaving you feeling better about your life and ready to face the world head on, once again.

The weekend away kind of trip is not something any of us do nearly enough. Current global circumstances aside, we are often too busy to think about enjoying that little bit of downtime we get each week. Either that, or some of us are so caught up in work, that the 7 day week has become a norm.

But regardless of your reasons why you haven’t had that weekend break for a while, now is a great time to start planning a trip away.

At Pensao, we are dedicated to making sure that our guests enjoy the best possible time when they choose to stay with us. Not only do we have beautiful accommodation in Nelspruit and relaxing onsite amenities such as a large green garden, swimming pools and braai places, but we also have many modern conveniences such as Wi-Fi connections.

A weekend away in Nelspruit is not something you might imagine doing. After all, why escape the city for the city? But we are so much more than an urban hub. Nelspruit is still very much a great place to have a holiday. We are close to a variety of small, historical towns, villages full of life, hiking trails that will take you into the great wilderness, and, of course, the Kruger National Park. A weekend here is most certainly going to be one well spent!

But why should you be going on a weekend away?

There are way more than 3 ways that you are going to benefit from a weekend holiday, but, to keep things short so you can start planning, here are 3 of the biggest benefits you will experience when you have a weekend away.

  1. Bye Bye Stress
    Stress is a daily part of life. And it always has been, it’s just that these days we tend to stress more and relax less. A weekend away is a perfect way to relax and even two days of downtime, enjoying the change of scenery and perhaps even some time outdoors, is really beneficial to the soul. After your trip, you might just feel that tension in your shoulders lifting and your mind should feel more at ease.
  2. Hello Productivity
    Time just spent relaxing, away from your normal world, can have you feeling more productive once you do return to work. That short break can clear your mind and have you more focused.
  3. It’s Affordable
    A lot of us put off that weekend away because we think of the costs involved, but a weekend away really is within your budget if you do some careful planning. And you only live once, so what the