5 Places to Escape to this Easter Weekend

The year’s first proper break is coming up for most people and this Easter, if you are able to, breaking away from the city and coming down to the Lowveld for 4 days will be just what you need to revive your energy and give you the relaxed mind-frame that you might need in order to face the coming months.

The Lowveld is one of the better places you can book your trip to. The weather is amazing at this time of the year and depending on where you book your stay, you could be well away from the world for a while, or you could be in the thick of the action, enjoying some activity or other. The Lowveld is home to all sorts of experiences and your time here is going to be something that you remember fondly for years to come.

When planning your trip, you naturally need to know where you will be staying. Nelspruit accommodation is made up of a great variety of options, but maybe you don’t want to stay over in the city or maybe you would rather stay at a couple of places throughout the weekend. In general, the Lowveld has plenty of exceptional places to stay and these are some of the best accommodation options.

  1. Pensao, Nelspruit

Set in lush, green suburbs up on a hill, Pensao is a great place to stay if you are looking for quiet, homely accommodation in Nelspruit. The rooms are spacious and there are plenty of spots to have a braai or a picnic. When staying here, you are also in the perfect central point from which to do a little exploring.

  1. Leadwood Lodge, Hoedspruit

Hoedspruit is that wildlife town that is fast gaining attention. And Leadwood Lodge is a great place to stay if you are looking for an outdoors destination that is well away from the world. The lodge has a tranquil feel and a weekend here is guaranteed to be memorable.

  1. The Hidden Valley, Hoedspruit

Another Hoedspruit destination that is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, at The Hidden Valley, there is plenty of opportunity to get outdoors and to have a really great time. The lodge is situated on the banks of the Blyderivier and it is a one of a kind place.

  1. Summerfield’s Retreat, Hazyview

Situated in the vibrant green lush bush close to the Kruger National Park, Summerfield’s Retreat is not just a beautiful place to stay, it is also a place to enjoy a pamper session. Parts of the retreat overlooks the dam and is the perfect place to sit and sun bath. This retreat is ideal for couples looking for a secluded, romantic place to spend the Easter weekend.

  1. Africamps, Mackers Hazyview

What would a trip to the Lowveld be, especially if you are staying close to the Kruger, without doing a bit of camping? Easter weekend is the perfect time to go camping in the Lowveld, and instead of bringing along all the camping gear, you can opt for a stay at Africamps, where everything is ready and waiting for you.

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