5 Places to Visit this Winter

The Lowveld winter is in full swing, and unlike our usual winters, this year the weather is colder. If you are visiting Pensao this winter, we have a few ideas to keep you warm while you enjoy the best of what the area has to offer.

At Pensao, we offer our guests some of the most comfortable and warm accommodation in Nelspruit. We are situated in the heart of the city’s most popular suburbs, away from the hustle and the bustle of the busy city roads and shops. At our Nelspruit guesthouse, we have plenty of place to enjoy the warm winter sunlight and we also have braaing areas which double as little fireplaces when in use.

If you should find yourself travelling to Nelspruit this winter, here are our suggestions of things that you can get up to.

  1. Book a visit to the Tomjachu Bush Retreat
    Situated just outside of Nelspruit, this nature reserve is fast becoming the town’s best known secret.  This retreat is the ideal place to spend the day outdoors, soaking up every ounce of the sun, and it is a must if you are keen on being in the bush.A place to enjoy picnics, have the most invigorating hikes, or to go on a bicycle ride, at Tomjachu, every outdoor enthusiast will be spoiled for choice.And what’s more? The retreat is filled with free roaming wildlife, making it a bit of a safari destination.

    To visit, you must make a reservation.

  2. Go to the I Love Local Market
    Hosted in time for Father’s Day, the I Love Local Market is taking place out in the winter sunshine on the 12th of June at the Crossing Centre in town. Whether you are in town on business or for a holiday, or if you are a local, do pay the market a visit. Up to 100 local small business owners come up to show off their wears and there is always something to take home.
  3. Head to Sabie
    Sabie is a small mountain forestry town and it is one of the places that you should pay a visit to in the winter months. It is freezing cold in the mountains, and often the town is enshrouded in mist, you can sit and take in the sights with a warm cup of soup in your hands. This town is also the perfect place to go hiking. When out in the sunshine, in days do feel warmer, and hiking at this time of year means no sweat.
  4. Go Braai
    The dams around Nelspruit are full of great braai spots that are mostly empty in the winter months which makes them the ideal place to get some sunshine while enjoying the beautiful views. Klipkoppie dam in particular is a great place to visit with your braai food at this time of year.
  5. Get Cosy at our Guesthouse
    If you’d rather just have a cosy night in, our lodge is the perfect place to do just that. Our rooms are warm, and fit with comfortable bedding and furniture, making it the perfect place to fully relax.
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