5 Tips to Improve Hotel Etiquette when TravellingAugust 30, 2021


Booking a room at a hotel and planning your trip away is one of those simple pleasures in life and something that anyone going away for a while looks forward to doing. But one thing that many people over look or perhaps don’t give all that much thought to is hotel etiquette.

Whether you are frequent traveller or just someone who occasionally treats themselves to a weekend away, it is so important to have a few etiquette tips up your sleeve so that you are able to make the most of your stay, from the initial booking straight through to when you leave the hotel at the end of your holiday.

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5 Etiquette Tips to keep in Mind

  1. When you make a reservation
    In an ideal world, you should be able to book your room just whenever you want to, and actually, get the room that you want. But this isn’t an ideal world, so you need to plan. Try to book your accommodation at least 3 months before your intended stay. By making your reservation early, you can save money.
  1. When you arrive
    The first thing to do when you arrive at the lodge is to check-in, so go straight to reception to get your keys. You should make sure that you have your confirmation information close at hand.
  1. When you get to your room
    There are quite a few things that you should do when you get to your room, the first of which is to have a good look around the space to make sure that nothing is broken or missing. If you see anything broken or missing, then you should immediately report it, or you will run the risk of being charged for it later on.

    Throughout your stay, you should always treat the room like it is your home away from home, which means you should never knowingly break or damage anything.

    Finally, when the time comes to leave, you should never take things with you, such as the little shampoo bottles or soap. If you have not used it then you should leave it behind.

  1. When in the common areas
    In those parts of the lodge or guesthouse where you will be sharing the space, you should always be respectful of the other guests and don’t disturb people. If you are staying at a lodge with a pool, gym or spa, you should always make sure that you follow any rules that might be there.
  1. When you are checking out
    When the time comes to check out, you are going to receive your bill. It is important that you go over every item that is listed, to make sure that everything is accurate. Should there be a problem, never be too shy to speak up about it.