5 Ways to be Sustainable when you TravelJuly 23, 2021

For quite a few years now, sustainable travel has been all the rage. More and more travellers want to have a positive impact on the environments in which they are travelling and as such, they are looking for ways to make sure that their trip leaves behind a small carbon foot print.

To travel sustainably means to have as small an impact as possible on the environment, the economy and the social structures. It is a principle of leaving nothing but the marks of your bare feet and it is a practice that can quite easily be achieved if you know what you are doing. Often, there is nothing complicated that you have to do, it just comes down to being more aware of what you are doing.

At Pensao, we are a Nelspruit guesthouse built into the lush greenery of the Lowveld. Everything about our accommodation in Nelspruit is designed to make sure that guests are both comfortable and close to nature.

And if you want to make sure that your stay with us, and that your visit to our part of the world is a sustainable one, then these tips are just for you.

  1. Don’t use plastic cups and bottles

The ideal thing that you can do, when you get thirsty during your trip is to have a reusable water bottle and a reusable mug, for your warm drinks. This is a far better alternative to buying water bottles and plastic or paper coffee cups that will need to be thrown away.

  1. Buy from local companies

Nelspruit thrives off of its very much localised economy. A vast majority of our shops are owned by families and they need a lot more support than the bigger chain stores. When you support local, you will be putting your money directly into the local economy and you will also be supporting a smaller carbon impact, as many products are locally made.

  1. Support local tour companies

Travelling to the Lowveld means you are just a few kilometres away from a safari or a tour of a local town. There are plenty of local tour companies operating in the area and if you are keen on going on a tour, make sure that you find a local tour company to take you on the trip.

  1. Rather drive

Travelling to Nelspruit is best done by car if you want to minimise your travel footprint. While flying in is definitely tempting, it can cost a fortune while it will also be harmful for the environment. South Africa’s roads are easy to travel and there are often shared transport options that are really affordable and safe to use that are a great alternative to flying or driving yourself.

  1. Sustainable Hotel Practices

Just because you are at your accommodation in Nelspruit doesn’t mean you have to stop playing your role in making sure that you are sustainable. Some of the simple things that you can do is to hang your towels to dry and to then reuse them, don’t change your linen every day and pack your own toiletries.