5 Ways you can help to get local tourism back on its feetNovember 17, 2020

2020 has been one crazy year and we are quite sure that everyone is eagerly looking forward to December and the festive downtime. But for the local tourism industry, this December is particularly important because it comes in the wake of a truly difficult year for all of those who are involved, in one way or another, in this once bustling and now quite devastated sector.

If you are planning a trip away this holiday season, you will be helping in more ways than you could imagine. As the industry struggles to get back onto its feet, even the smallest gesture and helping hand is most welcome, like staying at our vibrant Nelspruit guesthouse.

Your stay in Nelspruit is without a doubt going to make an impressive impact even if you don’t realise it. When you put money into the local economy, you will be helping family owned businesses and passionate entrepreneurs get back onto their feet and ready to face the New Year. These are just a handful of the ways that you can directly make a difference.

  1. Love Local
    When we say love local, we mean supporting local business. From small one man setups to the bigger family run companies or growing establishments that run on the desire to expand, when you buy from a local shop or when you eat at a local eatery or restaurant, you will be contributing in a great way. You should also make a point of visiting local markets. They are a haven for small businesses and hobbyists and a great place to buy some truly unique gifts.
  2. Stay local
    Wherever you are visiting, make sure that you choose to stay at a local hotel or guest house rather than choosing a chain hotel establishment. If you are heading to Nelspruit this holiday season, you can stay at Pensao Lodge.
  3. Share online
    Everyone has social media these days, which means anyone can share something positive about the places they have visited or had a meal at. One fantastic way to help out is to share your positive experience with your social media contacts. This simple gesture can spread like wildfire and soon the local business could be inundated with support that they really need right now.
  4. Visit your own town
    Not all of us can go away this year, but every one of us can become a visitor in our own town. You can do this by visiting art galleries, picnic spots, markets and coffee shops, and by buying your Christmas gifts from local artists and vendors. After this crazy year, visiting your on town is also a great way to touch base with those around you again. That connection to your town can go a long way towards shaking off the isolation so many of us have felt with the lockdown.
  5. Write a review
    Another great way to help via the web is to leave a positive review for the company. You can do this on most social media platforms as well as other places online, and your review can be really useful for encouraging others to visit the establishment and give their support.