A Visit to the wild Side!November 20, 2019

Experience the beauty of nature by travelling the amazing Reptile Route

Sometimes the monotony of life in the city can get too much to handle and there is nothing better than getting away from the hassle and just experience the wild and what it is to offer.

For a true experience of untamed wild, there is no better place than the Kruger National Park. Located only 50km from Nelspruit, you can easily experience untamed wilderness and still be close to the city. The Kruger National Park contains a menagerie of different fauna and flora that will definitely excite anybody. At nighttime, the wilderness gets more untamed as the night life bursts with excitement as all the sounds from different animals fill the air that will definitely give you goosebumps.

For a more educational experience that still has you experience the wilderness the Jane Goodall Institute: Chimp Eden is a go to. Located outside Nelspruit in the mountains, Chimp Eden is a sanctuary for chimpanzees who have either been abused, left orphaned or lost their habitat, where they can recover and be rehabilitated. Dr. Jane Goodall has made it her life’s passion to protect and study Chimpanzees to learn their behavior

For a different kind of natural adventure, you can travel to the Sudwala Caves where you can go and explore a beautiful and intricate cave that is definitely going to bring out the inner archaeologist in everyone. The cave has incredibly beautiful formations that is illuminated by dim and bright lights. To experience what goes on beneath our feet and to see the beauty hidden away from the world is truly an experience to remember. The peace and quiet found under ground is something that cannot be replicated and must be experienced first hand.