Best Places to Enjoy a Summer PicnicSeptember 7, 2019

Summers in the Lowveld are the perfect excuse to have a picnic. We enjoy sublime weather in our spring and summer months, and beneath the shade of the right tree you can spread out and enjoy a picnic.

After months of cold weather, some cloudy days, and the notorious August winds which mark the end of the winter, the people of Nelspruit come alive and head outdoors. Although we have nothing to complain about during the winter, as the weather is always on the mild side when compared to the rest of the country, when the first days of spring arrive, getting out into the sun and absorbing the heat is one way that those living and staying in the area shake off the last icicles.

Those enjoying our accommodation in Nelspruit can set up their picnic in one of our gardens, but if you want to explore your picnic options, here are some of the best places to enjoy a summer picnic:

The Lowveld Botanical Gardens

The first on the list is a no-brainer. The gardens are a blissful, warm haven, filled with stunning indigenous plants and trees which provide plenty of shade. For a small additional fee, garden guests can set up their summer time feast on the lawns while enjoying the fragrant flowers and calm quietness. Before settling down for their picnic, guests can take a walk around the gardens, visiting lookout points and the rainforest. The gardens are a great place to learn about the natural vegetation and the various trees, shrubs and flowers that can be used for medicinal purposes.

Mafunyane Riverside Water Park

Guests wanting to combine some action with their picnic can head to the Mafunyane Water Park at Riverside. With exciting waterslides, swimming pools, and green lawns, visitors with children will really love this spot. But it’s not only the children who are going to be having loads of fun, adults can get in on the action too, with 7 exciting water attractions waiting to be enjoyed. This spot is perfect for summer.

Steiltes Nature Reserve

Even in the midst of the busy town’s hustle and bustle, guests can find peace and tranquillity in nature. The neighbourhood of Steiltes is “just up the mountain” as locals will say, and at the top of an ancient granite dome is the rocky terrain that makes up the nature reserve. A variety of interesting indigenous rock plants grow here and the gentle stream that runs through the reserve attracts klipspringer. The stream is also the perfect place to have a picnic as the Waterberry and Matumi Trees provide plenty of cool shade. There are also open grassy areas where guests can have a picnic. During the summer, keep an eye out for snakes, and beware the overly friendly baboons who might attempt to steal your meal.

Summers in Nelspruit are insanely hot, and the locals like to joke about how we love our town so much we grow closer as a community by suffering together in the heat. Book your stay at our accommodation in Nelspruit this summer and make the most of the long days.