Best Spots to have a SundownerJune 5, 2022

The Lowveld is a particularly beautiful place during the winter months. Although the days are cold, the sunsets are absolutely stunning, every single day. When you think of that bushveld late afternoon glow, with the deep red ball of a sun sinking over the mountainous landscape, complete with acacia trees, you probably think those kinds of sights can only be enjoyed in the Kruger National Park.

But in the city, at most Nelspruit accommodation and popular restaurants, you can enjoy a sundowner, a snack and that incredible sunset view.

Nelspruit is at the heart of the Lowveld and it is one of the places where you will probably stop before heading off to a nearby attraction like the Kruger or one of the many other places to see. The city is also a great place to do business, with the local economy slowly being revived.

Whatever reason you find yourself in the city, having a sundowner is a must.

What is a sundowner?

A sundowner is that first drink after a long day, enjoyed while watching the sunset. There is something quite symbolic and traditional about having that drink. It is also a really relaxing way to end of the day, especially in winter when you can treat yourself to something warm and delicious, like a coffee liqueur.

Where to have a memorable sundowner in Nelspruit

Usually, one of the best places to have a sundowner in Nelspruit is at your Nelspruit accommodation. Sitting next to a fire outside in the gardens of Pensao and soaking up the last of the warm winter sun rays is a great way to welcome the evening, and really relax. Parts of the guesthouse also offers fabulous city and landscape views, which makes the whole experience that little bit more enjoyable.

If you are looking for a place outside of Pensao to have your sundowner, here are a few great suggestions.

  1. Salvador’s in Kaapsehoop

So it is a bit of a drive away, but it is worth it. Up at the rustic bar and restaurant known as Salvador’s, you can sit under the trees, surrounded by lilies and azaleas, and have a drink. The sun sets quickly up on the mountain, but the experience is guaranteed be one of the things you love the most about your holiday.

  1. Jock Pub and Grill

While there is no amazing scenery here, it is still a great place to have that evening thirst quencher. Beneath the fairy lights and in a really rustic atmosphere, you can kick back and relax over a glass of your favourite drink.

  1. Little Loftus Pub and Grill

If it is a view that you are looking for, it doesn’t get quite as spectacular as the Little Loftus Pub and Grill. The pub is built high up on a hill and from the seating area, you can take in one of the most incredible views. The lodge looks out over the Rest area, and as the sun sets and the fire is lit, you will be able to really unwind.