Christmas in Nelspruit

Have you decided to be in Nelspruit or stay in Nelspruit during the festive season? Even if you are far from home, you can still prepare for the holidays, exploring the malls and preparing a wonderful festive meal.

The Christmas Feast

Though Christmas is usually winter themed, don’t mistake Christmas in Nelspruit to be cold. Nelspruit is usually very pleasant and perfect for an outdoors Christmas. Because the temperatures during Christmas is warmer, it may be a good idea to trade in a nice hot meal for something a bit cooler. Something that we have going for us is the nice hot weather gives you the perfect opportunity to kick your feet up and relax out doors after a year of work and experiences.

A tradition that happens not only in Nelspruit but all-over South Africa is a nice hot meal at the end of the day and celebrating with family. Fruit cakes are shared, turkeys/ chickens are carved and served and nice steamy vegetables to make up a wonderfully filling and meaningful meal. Lately new traditions are showing up that replaces the Hot and large meals with things like seafood, gammon, tongue, roast potatoes and seasonal veggies. These new trends bring in a new feeling for Christmas and can always surprise you with something new and exciting every year.

A few nice glasses of wine, ice cream, cakes, tarts and puddings are all more than welcome after a great and delicious meal. If you aren’t someone that loves cooking, there are plenty of places in and around Nelspruit that you can visit to enjoy a wonderful meal.


Nelspruit is filled with shops of all shapes in sizes. Most of the shops in town, both in the Mall and on their own, extend their shopping hours and business times so people can get presents for themselves and their loved ones. With great specials at multiple stores, there is bound to be something for everybody. If you are someone that doesn’t like spending time in the mall or want to avoid the busy crowds, there are online shops that you can also use if you want to think ahead. A trend that has also risen its head is that Eco-gifts and homemade gifts have become ever popular with the huge variety of gift ideas coming from Pinterest. Homemade gifts are a lot more special and much more than buying something premade form a store.

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