Cool Activities for the Hot Summer DaysSeptember 11, 2019

Staying Cool in Nelspruit’s Summer Heat

Nelspruit can get very hot during the summer months and sometimes you have no idea what to do to cool off, Fortunately Nelspruit has a few cool secrets:

Nothing is better than going to a water park when the temperatures are high. Mafunyane is a waterpark located next to the Riverside Mall and is packed with activities to cool down hand have a great time in the process. Some of the rides, slides and pools that Mafunyane has to offer includes the Rampant Rhino (a tube slide that shakes you around within its winding turns), The Leaping Leopard (a slide that sends you down a steep drop where you can reach fast speed), The Zooming Zebra’s (a speed slide that sends you at speeds, in a tube, up an incline before you reverse down the slide) and Ndlovu (the large pool that is a perfect place to relax after taking on the slides). There are also a few kiddies’ slides that will keep the young ones entertained.

Located in Ilanga mall, you can find one of the few Ice-Skating rinks in the Lowveld, yes that’s right, an Ice-Skating Rink in Nelspruit! The Ice-Skating Rink is located in the food area of Ilanga and next to the Cinema, making it a prime spot for visitors to get a snack afterwards or to catch a movie to relax and rest the aching bones. The Ice Rink area has a mini take away for your all snacking needs. Skaters of all ages can come and enjoy the thrill of Ice Skating. For those who lack the balance or experience to stay upright, there are skating buddies that will help you stay upright and still enjoy the experience. Ice Skating isn’t the only thing that happens on the ice, Ice hockey lessons are also held and Nelspruit has their own Ice Hockey Team.

The last item on this list doesn’t involve ice or getting wet, The Nelspruit Botanical Gardens is a much slower and relaxed activity than the other activities on the list. The Nelspruit Botanical Gardens is home to the largest collection of indigenous trees in South Africa. The Botanical Gardens are a perfect distraction from the business of life and because of all the trees and shade it is also the perfect place to cool down. With more than 250 species of birds and about 75 species of reptiles and amphibians calling the Botanical Gardens Home, its is not only a great place to cool off but you will also be in awe at what you see.

Nelspruit has a lot of ways to cool off during the hot summer days. Why not try some of them out while staying at Pensão Guesthouse?