Get your Art Fix by Visiting these GalleriesSeptember 15, 2022

When you are travelling to the Lowveld for your weekend break or for a business meeting, you might not expect to spend all that much time enjoying the local art scene. One of the biggest claims to fame for the area is its outstanding outdoor lifestyle which is full of wildlife and surrounded by some of the most interesting and pristine nature. Those who come here are often looking for an excuse to get into nature and to enjoy the sights that come with being able to explore the great outdoors.

For the most part, those who are lucky enough to call the Lowveld home are not the kind who are going to spend all that much time walking around art galleries. Instead, locals will spend their time sitting around a braai outside with friends or they will head to a local pub for a hearty meal. But although the city doesn’t exactly cater to an arty lifestyle, there are quite a few places where you can go to explore the local art scene and many of them are quite close to our guesthouse.

At Pensao, we work to create a one of a kind environment in which our guests can unwind and enjoy the very best accommodation, made for those looking for a quiet and comfortable stay. Our accommodation in Nelspruit is close to numerous things that you can see or do and that includes taking a trip to check out some of the local artistic talents the city has to offer.

Art Galleries to Visit

The Mbombela Art Gallery

This gallery sort of flies under the radar, but that can be a big part of the appeal because you don’t have to fight your way through the crowds. The gallery is at Van Riebeek Park, which is also home to the city’s public swimming pool as well as a couple of tennis courts. It is hard to miss this art gallery, because when driving past you will notice statues on the lawns and a sign guiding the way. The gallery has some interesting things to look at, and since it is a stones’ throw from the guesthouse, it is an easy place to get to.

The White River Art Gallery

In the next town over, up the hill and in the beautiful village of White River, lies a gallery that is most certainly worth the visit. This gallery is in the Casterbridge Centre, surrounded by trees and green lawns and it is home to incredible art. The gallery has regular exhibitions and it also occasionally hosts classy events.

The Peterson’s Art Gallery

Home to a couple of amazing artists and also a host of stunning artworks, the Peterson’s Art Gallery is a great place to visit and it is also happens to be a great place to get your art prints framed. This gallery is also in the village of White River so if you are heading that way then why not hit two birds with one stone by visiting both?