How to Save on Accommodation in Nelspruit

Seeking out cheap accommodation in Nelspruit is a no-brainer for any savvy traveller. But one of the biggest challenges that any traveller will experience is finding great accommodation that will easily fit into their budget. Finding the right place to lay your head at night requires some careful research and a little planning so that you don’t end up destroying your budget and ending up with a less than pleasant experience.

At Pensao, our Nelspruit accommodation is considered by many to be the best place to stay while on business or on a fun holiday. We have created a homely space in which our guests can relax and unwind. Along with the fact that our rooms are comfortable and spacious, we’ve made sure that our clients don’t have to pay a small fortune when they stay with us. Our budget-friendly accommodation in Nelspruit includes various amenities and is in a fantastic location.

Budget Saving Tips

Before we get into the tips, you need to know that your accommodation choice and price is going to depend on a few factors such as:

  • The destination that you will be visiting
  • The particular style and creature comforts that you hope to have
  • The number of people you will be travelling with
  • The overall budget that you have to work with

When you have that sorted out, finding your budget accommodation is easy. With some of out of the box thinking along with a few tips from other travellers who have figured out the best ways to save money on their rooms, here are some tips that you can follow.

  1. Book more than one night

Often booking more than a single night can end up saving you loads of money, as many lodges and hotels give you a discount on the second night. This tip is especially helpful if you are booking your stay during the off-season, when most accommodation facilities run special offers to bring in the guests.

  1. Stay during the week

If you are travelling on business or have the option of travelling during the week, you can save loads if you choose to stay during the week. Mid-week stays often come at discount prices while weekend stays can often be a lot more expensive, as accommodation prices tend to rise when there is a demand.

  1. Share the costs

This option is really only for those who are travelling with a group, but if you are having a getaway with friends and family, sharing costs is one of the more obvious ways to cut back on your accommodation costs.

  1. Self-Catering Accommodation

Plenty of Nelspruit accommodation is marketed as self-catered and it is often a lot cheaper than the options that include meals. While you will have to prepare your own meals throughout your stay, it does give you a certain amount of freedom along with helping your travel on a smaller accommodation budget.

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