Kaapsche HoopAugust 26, 2019

A Gem in the mountains.

Kaapsche Hoop is a little village in the mountain on your way to Nelspruit. Known for their amazing wild horses, Kaapsche Hoop is an extremely popular destination for horse lovers. Though nobody is allowed to ride the horses, people have had the opportunity to get close to the horses for all sorts of photo opportunities. Kaapcsche Hoop is also home to the beautiful Kaapsche hoop hiking trail, located at the De Hoop Gold Fields. While on the trail, you will have a chance to see the Blue Swallow Reserve, which is a grasland area that is set aside for the protection of their habitat. Another highlight of this wonderful place is the Berlin Hiking Trail, which is host to the Berlin Marathon, a beautiful trail that goes up into the mountains and ends at the top of a mountain and has a fantastic view over the canyon beyond. 

If nature doesn’t suit your fancy you can enjoy the many art galleries, curio shops and the glass shop if you are interested in seeing some neat and unique items. Kaapsche hoop is known for the amazing rock outcrops and many artisans have made beautiful things with the material in and around the area. The beautiful landscape of Kaapsche Hoop is perfect inspiration for painters and sculptors alike. A great opportunity for painting and sculpting is the large variety of rocks and stones that can make up some interesting and beautiful works. A perfect and hidden area for painting is a good distance away from Kaapsche Hoop. After climbing and clambering over the large amount of stones and walking between the trees, you come to a shear drop that overlooks a mind-blowing view of the canyon below. The area is quiet and not many people go there so this is perfect for artists hat need the silence to paint.

There aren’t a lot of eateries in Kaapsche Hoop but the few that are there definitely give an interesting experience. For the people who have a sweet tooth, Koek n Pan is a great place as they sell pannekoek as the main dish. With different kind of dishes to choose from like sweet pannekoek with ice cream and caramel to wraps made from pannekoek. Miz Gooz Berry is also an interesting place that has a very homemade feel and simple, yet unique dishes like Freshly baked bread, dark forest cakes, cheese platters and more.


Kaapschehoop is an amazing little village with a lot to give and is definitely worth visiting  when staying at Pensão Lodge