Keeping Warm While Travelling in WinterJune 15, 2023

Winter always arrives in a hurry here in the Lowveld. We seem to go from hot summer days to suddenly having to scratch out jerseys and boots, in the space of a few days. And after a long summer, it is safe to say, that the 2023 winter months are finally here.

Not only has the weather turned, but with the school holidays just around the corner, many people are planning their winter break and if you are one of those who will be travelling to the Lowveld for a week or a weekend away, now is a great time to start putting together your holiday checklist.

When compared to the city of Johannesburg, or anywhere else on the Highveld, our winters are mild and wonderful. Here in Nelspruit we don’t even get frost, so taking a winter break here is certainly one that you will enjoy.

At Pensao, we are one of the best places to have a winter holiday in Nelspruit. We have lovely warm rooms, a couple of wonderful outdoor fireplaces to enjoy and sprawling lawns on which to spread out and take in all of the warm sunlight. We are close to some of the best things to do during the winter, and we are also to the Innibos Music and Cultural Festival, which is taking place this year for the first time since the lockdowns.

Coming to Nelspruit this winter is going to be a magical experience, and this is how you can keep warm. 

  • Pack the right clothing 

We can’t complain about winters in Nelspruit. The days are warm, and the cold fronts don’t linger. But as soon as the sun starts to disappear and the chill sets in, you will want to make sure that you have some warm clothing. The nights in particular get cold, so if you are going to Innibos or plan to spend some time outdoors, you will want to make sure that you have your winter boots, a pair of jeans, and a jacket. 

The mornings can also get quite chilly, so you will want to think about layering your clothing so that as the day gets warmer you can remove layers and be comfortable. 

  • Opt for sunny accommodation 

One of the greatest things about spending the winter in the Lowveld is that the days are delightfully warm. Choosing accommodation in Nelspruit that has nice sunny gardens is ideal for those who want to spend part of their days out in the sunshine, taking up as much of the warm rays as possible.

  • Go on a few local trips 

The Lowveld takes on a whole new hue and magical beauty at this time of year. If you find yourself in Nelspruit during the winter, you should make the time to go hiking in the mountains or you should take a trip to the Sabie waterfalls. The cooler weather along with the lack of rain make this time of year perfect for those who want to have an amazing outdoor adventure. And the landscapes, with their golden, red and green colours, will make for a picture perfect backdrop for making some unforgettable memories.