Makeover for Eye of Nelspruit on the way

It is without a doubt one of the town’s most eye catching landmarks, being the first thing many see when they enter the city, and now it is about to be given a makeover, to become a real tourist attraction.

The Eye of Nelspruit, which is actually a water reservoir, was first decorated as a soccer ball, to celebrate the 2010 Soccer World Cup. The site has become a popular spot for photographers wanting the perfect photo of the town, as well as those who are looking for an adventure.

The attraction sits on top of a hill, offering a bird’s eye view of the ever growing city below. Once the attraction is given its new look, it is hoped that the area will become a place for both tourists and locals to enjoy.

The makeover is set to be carried out by the Nelspruit Local Tourism Organisation who is in charge of negotiations surrounding the way that project will be managed. Not only do they intend to make the water reservoir look more appealing, but they are also looking to improve the security in the area. The move to add security is welcome, as at the moment, the area has a reputation for not always being safe.

The security set up is set to include a “telescope” to observe what is going on, a regular guard to provide protection and improved secure fencing.

The site will also have a visitor’s book set up so that those who visit can sign their names and become a part of the history of the area.

To make the Eye of Nelspruit a more enticing attraction, there will be more done than just a new coat of paint. Beautiful gardens, safety rails for those who are going to climb the reservoir and a spot to take some stylish selfies, will all be added.

There will also be various educational features. When guests climb to that perfect vantage point, they will be able to read the information tables and learn about the city features that they will be able to see.

There are also plans in place to create a hiking trail close to the Eye, which is set to encourage guests to go for a walk out in nature and enjoy the quiet.


Should you be passing through the area, whether it is for business or for a holiday, guests staying at our Nelspruit accommodation will be able to look forward to visiting this exciting attraction as well as other places that are popular in town.

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