Memorable Safari ExperienceMay 3, 2020

Nelspruit is a busy town filled with plenty to do from visiting the Malls and experiencing the Botanical Gardens to the close proximity to other towns for additional activities. One activity that many do when living in or visiting Nelspruit is to go to the Kruger National Park, a well worthy experience if you want to escape the everyday hustle and bustle. Nelspruit is located close to two entrances of the Kruger National Park which is why is it’s such a popular destination.

It is important to be prepared when heading to the Kruger Park for a safari and we have a perfect and simple guide to help make the Kruger Park Safari a memorable experience.

Join a Safari Tour

If you do not visit the Kruger Park often or it is your first time, then it can be a good idea to join a safari tour. The Kruger Park is a massive place and you might feel that you won’t get to experience the park fully on your own. There are plenty of touring companies that can take you on a safari, where you will be taken to animal hotspots and also learn some interesting facts from the guides. You might even learn of a few places you can visit on your own in the future.

Visit Notice boards

Each Rest Camp in the Kruger National Park has a notice board that allows the visitors to record their sightings in the various areas of the Park. There are colour coded puns that are used to tell people what animal was seen where in the Park/ This can be used to plan your route through the Kruger National Park to make the most of your day and experience as many animals as possible.

Stay Hydrated and Pack Food

This may seem like a silly piece of advice but is very important to have enough water and food with you while travelling the Kruger. If you have sufficient water and food with you, you can experience the Kruger Park and the animals for longer before you have to stop off at a rest stop to restock. Another important thing is when you are dehydrated and hungry you will focus more on food and water and how to get it instead of focussing on the animals. You would be surprised how fast a fun mood on a tour can change when people get hungry, thirsty and moody.

Be Prepared

This is an important tip when planning on going on a Kruger Safari. Aside from preparing food and bringing water with it is important that you are prepared for the weather to change as well as to have the necessary gear to spot animals. Items like Cameras and Binoculars are pretty essential when on a safari as you can spot the animals easier and take pictures to remember this wonderful day. A hat, sunscreen and sun glasses can also be viable things to bring on a safari that will help you fight the sun and keep you from getting sunburn.