Nelspruit Weather. Are you ready for the summer?August 3, 2019

Nelspruit (also known as Mbombela) enjoys fantastic sunny weather all year round. We don’t experience frost, or many icy cold days, and our summers are the stuff you’d see in the movies. When planning to stay in our town, and at our Nelspruit lodge, in the coming summer months, it’d be a good idea to know a little something about our summer weather.

Pensao is situated in one of the best locations in town. From our Nelspruit lodge, guests can indulge in gorgeous but secluded views, quiet gardens and a number of swimming pools in which to cool off when the day time weather gets a little too intense. We offer our guests affordable accommodation in truly comfortable lodgings and with our close proximity to some of the best things to do in Nelspruit, you won’t be bored for a moment!

Summer in the Lowveld is the stuff of legends around here. Those who move to our town often find that adapting to the intensely humid summer weather is the biggest hurdle they face, well that and our small town vibe. Some of the intense weather has to do with our location close to the warm currents of the Indian Ocean, and the encircling mountains means Nelspruit is basically in a valley. The warm air flows through the valley, giving the town and the surrounding areas a rich tropical climate, great for growing all kinds of fruits. The climate is slowly changing and some would say that the town is getting drier and less humid, but one summer here would have you disagreeing.

Packing for the summer

Shorts, t-shirts, flip flips, skirts; these are the kinds of styles you’ll be seeing a lot of when you are visiting the town. And these are the types of clothing you should consider packing. Nelspruit doesn’t have a strict dress sense. There are a few restaurants that you might want to dress up a little bit for, but shops, bars and other such places don’t enforce a dress code.

Most shops and buildings are completely air conditioned so you’ll only be assaulted by the heat when you are outdoors. The town has a public pool as well as the popular Water Park, not to mention there are plenty of dams just outside of town where the public can enjoy a day a swimming.

Summers in Nelspruit are made for ice cream, lazy afternoons by the pool, and plenty of time spent under the shade of the towns tall trees. And in the evening, when the thunder clouds roll in and the sun goes down, ending the day off with a delicious sundowner and a scrumptious meal, is one way to make memories to last a lifetime.

Summer is one of our busiest times of the year, as many people choose this time of the year to take their holiday. Book your stay at Pensao early to avoid disappointment.