No plans yet? Use our December Lowveld Bucket List!December 15, 2021

Ah December, is it not just the most wonderful time of the year? The days are long and lazy, the nights are cool and a perfect time to sit outdoors and socialise. And if you are enjoying some downtime this year, and you are looking to escape the city and just shut off the world for a while, the Lowveld has absolutely everything you could ever want from a holiday destination.

Rolling green hills surrounding beautiful ancient towns, plenty of places to go hiking and fishing, a great many local restaurants to enjoy a relaxing meal, the Lowveld has it all. A holiday here is guaranteed to be a peaceful escape and a great place to make memories with your family or to just sit back and find your centre again.

And if you are looking for a place to become your base for your holiday, then Pensao is one of the best options that you will have. Pensao, a guesthouse situated in the leafy suburbs of Nelspruit, has everything you could possibly expect from accommodation in the city. We have incredibly comfortable rooms, a beautiful outdoor space in which to enjoy a picnic or just some clean, fresh air, and we also have various amenities that will make your stay here even more memorable. Our location also makes us the perfect place from which to explore the surrounds, and the Lowveld is filled to the brim with incredible places to see.

Our List of Things to do in the Lowveld

Whether you are an outdoorsy person, or just someone wanting a blissful escape, with so much to do in the Lowveld, you are sure to be able to fill your holiday plans with many exciting things.

  1. Just get outdoors

Getting into nature is one of the best ways to revive your senses and regenerate the soul, which could be something that you will be in search of, after this difficult year. There are plenty of places, both in and around Nelspruit where you can put on your hiking boots and take to the various trails. Some hiking trails are closer than others, so places like Tomjachu or the local Nelspruit Nature Reserve are great places to spend a day walking, and then there is always the option of just taking a walk around the suburbs. Nelspruit is home to some really beautiful streets.

  1. Go back in time

The historical significance of the area is something to be enjoyed. If you have a few days to spare and you are looking to explore the local history, think about taking a trip to Barberton or Pilgrim’s Rest, where you can spend some time walking around and visiting museums.

  1. Eat out

A meal at the local Jock restaurant, or a trip out of town, on the Uitkyk Road, to the Little Loftus Pub, where the views are extraordinary, should definitely be on your holiday to do list.