October Events Guide

The summer is here at Pensao; the days are getting hot and lazy, the nights arrive a little later, and the desire to get out there and enjoy the summer air is not just something that Lowvelders, but also guests to the area. With the holidays fast approaching, there’s a lot to look forward to, especially if you want to make sure that you make the most of the local hospitality as well as the events which are starting to take place once more.

In October, there is all sorts of fun to be had. The weather is quite perfect for outdoor events and if you want to make the most of the holiday feeling, here are a couple of events you can take part in.

8th of October – The Octoberfest @ Ngodwana Dam

Ngodwana is the small village on the other side of the Kaapsehoop Mountain and this year, at the village dam, you can take part in the Octoberfest as well as the fun run that is going to take place on the same day. The fun run is going to be off to a really early start, with the runners hitting the road at about 7:30 am. After the fun run, the Octoberfest fun will begin! If you are keen on taking part in the fun run, it’ll cost you R30 per person or R100 for a group of 4 and the entry to Octoberfest will cost R70 per person.

9th of October – The Food Market

Local is lekker and that extends to the food as well. And each month, on the second Sunday morning, the chefs, the bakers, and the food lovers converge in the courtyard of Casterbridge to indulge in their collective love for delicious things. The market makes for a great morning out and you can really treat your taste buds to something yummy.

15th of October – The Vintage Car Fest

Each year up in Kaapsehoop the Vintage Car Festival takes place and it is really something quite fun to look forward to, especially if you have an interest in cars. The official name of the festival is the Volkswagen Vintage Car Fest but it attracts all sorts of beautiful cars, and interesting car owners. The festival starts at 10am outside of the Bohemian Groove Café. This year, the theme is Flowa Powa.

29th of October – TOPS at SPAR Lowveld Octoberfest

As the month starts to come to an end, the beer enthusiasts can look forward to having a great time at this year’s Lowveld Octoberfest hosted by TOPS. The festival is going to include a vast variety of beers, authentic German food, an oompah band, and a couple of fun German games as well as competitions. The festival will take place at the Mbombela Stadium, gates open at 12pm and tickets cost R150.

30th of October – The Uplands Christmas Festival

The Uplands Christmas Festival is easily one of the most looked forward to events of the year, especially because it is one of the biggest markets and it gives shoppers the chance to buy something local for their loved ones. The market has a massive variety of local small businesses and you can buy just about anything from snacks to clothing and jewellery.

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