The Wonderful Panorama Route

One of the popular tourist routes in Mpumalanga is the Panorama Route. A route that starts in Nelspruit and travels through towns like White River, Lydenburg, Graskop, Dullstroom and Pilgrims Rest. Along the way there are plenty of interesting and amazing places to stop and experience. Here is some of the popular stops along the Panorama Route:

Nelspruit Botanical Gardens

The Nelspruit Botanical Gardens is a beautiful place where you can experience the wonders of nature. The Botanical Gardens contain a plethora of plant species, from trees and flowers to aquatic plant life. Though it is located in Nelspruit it is actually nice and isolated from the city.

Pilgrims Rest

Pilgrims Rest is a town that is very well known for its significant and richly imbued cultural history. The town is one of the Lowveld’s unique historical and cultural gems that has been declared a National monument in 1986. During the gold rush in the late 1800s Pilgrims Rest played a big role and has plenty of museums that tell the tale of this town and its history during the Gold Rush.


Sabie is a very quiet town that doesn’t look to be very busy or have much going for it but it has some of the most beautiful views of the mountains and a lot of outdoor activities to do. You can take part in a 4×4 off road trip and experience the environment the town is known for. Graskop is also known for its great abseiling facilities that will definitely get your adrenaline pumping.


Graskop is found in the more popular part of the Panorama route and has some of the most breath taking sights and experiences in the Panorama Tour. Graskop is located in the Blyde River Canyon, which is the 3rd largest canyon in the world. Here in this canyon you can experience beautiful natural landscapes and also learns some culture along the way. One of the most breath taking experiences is at God’s Window, which is located high up in the canyon with a sheer drop. When standing at the various looking points of God’s Window you can see the beauty of the Lowveld and look into the canyon to see the winding river down below. You can also visit the Pinnacle, a large tower like rock that sticks out of the canyon. The Pinnacle is located a great distance between two sheer rock faces, taking centre stage. Bourke’s Luck Potholes is also a very popular attraction in the form of largely misshapen boulders that have been eroded by water over hundreds and hundreds of years. The end result of the erosion are large holes in the boulders that resemble ‘potholes’. The Berlin Falls Mac Mac Falls and Lisbon Falls are some of the most popular waterfalls in the Mpumalanga and are well worth the attention, located at different parts in the Panorama Route, each waterfall will definitely be a sight to see and experience, especially after there were heavy rains that allow the waterfalls to fall at full force.

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