The Various Types of Accommodation in NelspruitOctober 26, 2021

Whether you are in town for a few business meetings or to enjoy a fantastic family getaway, choosing the right kind of Nelspruit accommodation, based on your specific expectations as well as your budget, is of utmost importance if you want to be sure that your time in the city is memorable.

Nelspruit is a rather large city and it is home to all sorts of great accommodation options. When you are planning your stay, you can choose between accommodation that is more homely and family-friendly, or you can opt for accommodation that is a bit more professional and ideal for those business stays.

Along with accommodation being designed as business orientated or family-friendly, the option that you choose will also be determined by the amount of money you are willing and able to pay out for your stay.

Types of Nelspruit accommodation

Lodges and Hotels

Considered a great combination between formal and cozy, lodges and hotels come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some lodges and hotels are run as a part of a chain group while others are independent institutions, but regardless of your choice, you can often look forward to a more superior experience. These kinds of accommodation facilities are generally able to accommodate more than just a handful of people and the rooms and amenities are often considered spacious and in some cases luxurious.

Guest Houses

The guest house is always a great choice for both the family groupand the business traveller, looking for a comfortable place to spend an evening away. The guest house will usually have only a few rooms available and these rooms will often have a more relaxed and homely vibe. Guest houses can come with the option of a few added meals, and such accommodation can be either luxurious or a little more bare, which will certainly have a big effect on the overall price you pay.

Bed and Breakfast

The B&B is a quintessential accommodation option. Those who stay in such places are often looking for a place that can become a home away from home and since breakfast is included, it can be a lot more convenient for those who need to get away early and who don’t want to either have to find a place to have breakfast or prepare their own meals. B&Bs are popular among business travellers looking for a regular place to stay when in town.

Self Catering

Self catered accommodation is available in various shapes and sizes, although often such facilities are considered to be on the cheaper end of things. There is the option of luxury self-catering as well as more minimalist self-catering, with both being found all over Nelspruit and the surrounding areas. When you are staying in self-catered accommodation you are going to have to prepare all of your meals yourself, but that is not altogether a bad thing if you are keen on having a schedule that doesn’t depend on you having to be in a particular place, at a particular time.