Things to do in Nelspruit this November

It is as though the year has passed by in a hurry and we are already thinking about what to do this festive season. Before you start planning all of the fun things that you want to get up to while taking your annual break, we need to get through November. This is a great month to go travelling, because everyone else is going to be thinking about December and as such the best Nelspruit accommodation is up for grabs.

The month of November is glowing with greenery. The heavy summer rains have arrived and everything is drenched in both water and sunlight. If you love that hot African summery weather, November is the perfect time to have a weekend away, just before the busy rush of December takes all of your time and attention, and at Pensao, with our lush green gardens and our inviting swimming pools, we are the perfect holiday spot.

Things to do in November

December is going to be a fun month, packed to the brim with fund things to get up to, but November is going to be a slower month. There will be all of the usual markets that take place each month, which you can use as an opportunity to start stocking up on some locally made gifts. And then, given the absolutely wonderful weather, now is also a great time of year to go hiking, to explore the great outdoors, and to do a little hiking.

Other things that you can do this month include:

  1. Go to the Barberton Cenotaph

The 11th of November marks the anniversary of the end of World War 1 and around the world poppies are being shared and money collected for veterans and other good causes. In the nearby town of Barberton, the day is going to be commemorated in a really interesting, and more formal way, as military personal, new and old, gather at the town’s Cenotaph to lay wreaths and remember those lost in military conflicts around the world.

  1. Go rocking for a cause

The Lowveld Toy run is taking place on the last Saturday of the month and guests can look forward to some great entertainment all in the name of helping those less fortunate. This event is an annual one and it involves the town’s biker community who are collecting toys, toiletries, and long life food for those in our community who are less fortunate.

  1. Go for a run

The weekly Parkrun is still being enjoyed by the Nelspruit community. Each Saturday morning, at 7am out at the Halls Farms, runners and walkers congregate and enjoy the 5km stretch of dirt road. If you want to keep track of your time, you can register on the Parkrun website and entry to the run will cost you nothing.


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