Tips to beat the Lowveld heat

The month of October has been an absolute scorcher so far and rain seems to be nowhere in sight. The Lowveld is quite notorious for its unbelievable heat and accompanying humidity and while staying in our comfortable accommodation in Nelspruit this summer, you might want to keep our heat beating tips in mind.

Stay Hydrated

Summer days here begin with a sweat. The sun rises at about 5 and with it comes the heat. While it is so important to stay properly hydrated all throughout the year, it is vitally important to keep sipping water when the days are hot. Water isn’t your only option but it certainly is one of the best choices as sometimes other beverages simply don’t quench the thirst the same way.

Your body has an internal air-conditioner of sorts, and you keep cool by sweating. But with sweating, you are also going to be losing fluid, which is why keeping hydrated is so important.

Wear cotton

The Lowveld is known for its sticky summers. The humidity here soars all through the summer months and sweating at night is the norm. To get as much rest as possible at night, sleep in cotton or any other type of breathing material. And if you are going to be outdoors during the day, be sure to wear something light and breezy to keep the sweat minimal.

Use a fan the smart way

Our Nelspruit accommodation comes with blissful air-conditioning, but if you should find yourself somewhere else, with only a fan, make sure you use it the right way. It is tempting to face the fan inwards, to keep the room cooled off but you will have far more success if you face your fan outwards. And if you are using a ceiling fan, be sure to have it running counter-clockwise.

Don’t forget to exercise

The idea of exercising in summer could be quite absurd to some, especially as the heat can leave you fatigued, but keeping up some sort of regime is very important. Exercising in short bursts and never doing so in the heat of the day or direct sunlight, and precooling before you head out, are all ideal ways to stay dedicated to your fitness while not doing yourself an injury.

Close your windows

It certainly seems counter-intuitive but if you keep your windows closed and covered with insulting drapes during the day, and then open them at night, you can actually keep your room cooled off. You could also hang a damp towel in front of the windows to create a cool flow of air into the space. Although every part of you is likely to be screaming “keep the windows open!” you might just find that this technique works wonders.

Know the cool spots

Your body is a wonderful thing capable of keeping you cool even when you can’t escape the heat. The back of the ears, the neck, the inner elbow, the wrists, and inner thighs, the back of the knees and the ankles and feet can keep you cool when ice is applied. These are your pulse points and once you apply some ice, your body will quickly cool down.

The best way to beat the summer is to enjoy a break at Pensao. We have air-conditioned rooms, breezy shaded gardens and swimming pools for you to enjoy.

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