Frequently Asked Questions About Nelspruit Part 1

Our Nelspruit accommodation, situated neatly in the middle of the town’s quiet suburbs, has become a haven for both business guests and holidaymakers. Many of those staying at our Nelspruit based lodge are first time visitors to the growing town and probably have a few questions.

When planning your visit, you’re going to want to know all there is to know about the town. From the nearby attractions to the weather, the history and other interesting information, we’re going to break down all of the important stuff that you need to know (in this blog and future blogs).

For many years, Nelspruit has been the halfway mark between the big cities in Gauteng and the wildlife destinations that the Lowveld is so well-known for. This is no longer the case as Nelspruit has grown to become the capital of Mpumalanga and home to all sorts of fantastic reasons to visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nelspruit best known for?

As Mpumalanga’s capital, Nelspruit is now best known for being the place to do business in the province. But unlike other capital cities, Nelspruit is also known for being the gateway to the Kruger National Park. The Park is just an hour’s drive away, and for many guests, Nelspruit is the last best place to stock up on all that they need in order to make their stay in the park as comfortable as possible.

Other popular attractions include the Sudwala Caves, the small historic towns such as Sabie, Barberton and Kaapsehoop, and of course, Mozambique.

How old is Nelspruit?

The town is estimated to have been established in 1892. This date is determined by the creation of the rail line which connected modern-day Maputo with Nelspruit. The rail line would be extended to Pretoria, connecting all of the small towns along the way and opening up commerce. Nelspruit is well over 100 years old and people have been living and moving through the area long before the rail line arrived.

How far is Pretoria from Nelspruit?

A must know bit of information for travellers, Pretoria is 319.15km from Nelspruit. When driving, and sticking to the speed limits, you’ll be on the road for around 3.5 hours, depending on traffic. It’s less than a morning’s drive and should you choose to fly, it is a smooth half hour flight.

Does Nelspruit have and airport?

While talking about travelling, let’s answer one of the most frequently asked questions. Nelspruit has two airports although if you are flying here, you are likely to only use the one. Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport is the town’s main airport while Nelspruit Airport is where hobby pilots take to the skies.

How big is Nelspruit

The town is constantly on the move and it is constantly growing. The city is about 72.63 square kilometres and you can get just about anywhere in the city within 15 minutes. Does that make Nelspruit a city? Perhaps that depends on what a person considers a city to be.

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